Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rain Run

The heav'ns are gray but still I lace
I start off at a steady pace
No other runners in this race
No timer but the sky.

What seemed to be a petty route
Grows ever long; I've figured out
The growing darkness round about
Comes faster than my legs.

A flash of white divides the sky
I summon more, I pant, I try
To beat the storm, which draws so nigh
The rain that soon will come.

At last it comes, the wall of wet
The race undone--I've lost--and yet
The finish line must still be met
My dwelling calls me home.

Drowning, but still I stagger on
I lick the rain that falls upon
My arid lips, and strength once gone
Returns, propels me forth.

Gathering power with ev'ry stride
A will springs forth from deep inside
Unshaken by the tempest's pride
The end draws ever near.

The wall looms larger, louder... Flash!
I hear the noise, as on I splash
Wary, yet still my progress brash
Has brought the end in sight.

Human puddle, stagger, stumble
Weary, through the door I tumble
Awed yet very far from humble
The conq'ror of the rain.


  1. Yeah, just the other day - I want to tweak it some more, but I like it. :)

  2. haha...this is cool. You must be a poet, so I must ask what lace means other than what I know of lace?